Sunday, 10 May 2015

April Favourites 2015

Another month gone, another favourites. It doesn't seem that long ago i was writing my march favourites, but with two weeks in April being the Easter holidays, it went super quickly. 
Now into my favourite month, May, for obvious reasons, except maybe not parts of this one, luckily my birthdays on the bank holiday, so i have no worry of there being a test on my birthday. Plus I've only got one more week of college left, so no more commuting until September, which I'm super happy about.
1.Running Armband- Since the weathers been picking up, I've been wearing my shorts and no jacket which means i don't have any where to put my phone. I've been using this every time i go for a run.It don't slip or scratch, and fits quite tightly around the phone, which for a worrier like me, is definitely a good thing!
2. Asics Gel-Kayono 20- About once a year, i get new trainers for running in, as they wear down so quickly. These are my new ones and I'm in love, not just because on there maiden run they made me go faster, but of the bright turquoise colour. Plus there super comfy.
3. Wooden massage mouse- Bit of a weird one, but since i have increased my running day from about one (when i was on work experience)to three I've been getting sore shins some days (i blame the very dry ground).I massage my legs after a run with this, to prevent shins splints, so i can continue running as leading up to exams i get a bit stressed, and running tends to make me less stressed, so i don't want to be injured and can't run.
4. La Roche-Posay ANTHELIOS FACE ULTRA-LIGHT FLUID SPF50+ 50ml- With the sun shining a bit more,i thought that i would start being good, and start a (hopefully lifelong) habit of putting sunscreen on every day. I had been looking for a good sunscreen for quite a while, since the last one i had, kept causing spots; this one is super light and sits nicely underneath makeup. Plus it doesn't have the distinctive sunscreen smell, which i don't mind, i just don't smelly things on my face.

5.Lindt 70% Dark Chocolate- Well what can i say, more chocolate. This ones my fave, because its so smooth, but I've been craving any dark chocolate, all month. Plus dark chocolate is good for you right? Well that's what they say in the newspapers. 
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What have you been loving this month? Let me know.

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