Sunday, 15 February 2015

Dairy-free Coconut Spelt Pancakes

 The Sunday Post- 

Hmmm pancakes....Who doesn't love pancakes on Sunday? But guess what...? Pancake day is this week! and that means pancakes on a Tuesday( *does an exiceted little dance*), whats not to love? On a Sunday we normally have crepes, as thats what my sister likes to make, but since it's Pancake day soon, i thought i would try something different. 

These are made of spelt flour, which is higher in protein and lower in gluten than regular flour, which leaves you less bloated.The spelt flour also has a lovely nutty taste. These are also dairy free. Personally, these are healthy enough for me, without straying to far away from the normal pancake; I'm not convinced by the egg and banana malarkey.
I served them with berries and Greek style yogurt, but i think coconut yogurt or soya yogurt would also work well, if you wanted it entirely dairy free. Since they are lighter style, i think any fresh fruit would work well with these.

serves 4


100g spelt flour
150ml coconut milk
2 eggs
berries and yogurt to serve

1. mix together the flour, milk and egg yolks.
2. in a separate bowl whisk the egg whites until stiff peaks.
3. gently fold in egg whites
4. heat pan up with coconut oil or any flavourless oil
5. when hot enough spoon mixture in, 2 tbsp
6. cook for 2-3 minutes on each side, or until golden brown on both sides
7. serve with berries and coconut yogurt 
8. enjoy

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