Sunday, 22 February 2015

A Little Coffee Shop- Fernandez and Wells

With college up in London, I rarely feel like travelling up at the weekend to "explore" nah, lets just call it shopping because honestly, that's what it actually is. In the holidays after a few "down" days, I like traipsing back up, with my mum and sister to do a little bit of shopping, without worrying about train times and if I'm going to get to college on time. 
We usually go up early, which means the shops aren't open until about an hour. To fill in time we normally go to this independent coffee shop, there are only three. This one is located 43 Lexington street, on a small street behind Hamleys. Conveniently, there is also one at somerset house so you can watch all the extremely fashionable people from around the world, come and go for fashion week.

Now, onto the food and drink, to accompany your chat with friends, or just something so you don't look like a weirdo starting at incredibly beautiful, and fashionable people. A selection of squares and cakes some good for you, others incredibly indulgent.
The croissants are always so tempting, not just to eat but they look totally instagram worthy as well. Sadly, I've never tried one as I'm always still full from breakfast, but if you have tried one, let me know if there good.

A hot drink is always on the cards. I had the hot chocolate, which was disappointing as it was watery, and wasn't as chocolatey as I had hoped.
My mum had the Piccolo which is her favourite, and something i would recommend if you like stronger coffee.
My sister had her very first coffee ever, which was good. Unfortunately, her standards are now set pretty high (higher than Starbucks or cafe Nero, and now doesn't understand how people drink them).
My sister and I shared the banana loaf. The banana loaf had a nice flavour but was slightly dry and had quite a thick edge.Personally, i prefer mine and is probably the same price to make and tastier. 

Have you been? What did you think?

Emma x

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