Friday, 6 November 2015

Tabbouleh with Halloumi

I would like to apologies, because the weather is getting cooler, and I'm still giving you salad recipes. Oh, and the theme of salads with cheese, so apologies in advance if you don't like the sight of cheese, but then why are you even reading my blog. Haloumi is quickly rising in the ranks of favourite cheeses, its just so salty and warm and just so good: I've been finding ways of eating with something middle eastern, instead of just eating it on its own. Luckily I love tabbouleh, so I made it to have an excuse to eat more halloumi!!
So, in an attempt to say goodbye the summer weather and salads, i decided to make this salad. If you have been reading my blog for a while then you'll know that the weather won't stop me eating salads, but it certainly slows me down a bit!
It's Definitely one of my favourite salads as it's so fresh and herby. Plus it's super filling too. I personally love to eat it at lunch or as a light dinner, but if want a more substantial meal, serve with lamb. If you don't like halloumi feel free to remove it.

150g bulgur wheat
2 bunches of mint (100g each), stalks removed
1  large bunch flat leaf parsley (150g)
600g large tomatoes
1/2 red onion
2 lemon, juice and zest 
9 tsp olive oil
salt & pepper


1. cook the bulgur wheat until tender, drain
2. whilst its cooking, chop the parsley and mint
3. add in the chopped tomatoes, and finely chopped red onion
4. add in the bulgur wheat, along with the lemon juice, zest and olive oil. season to taste.set aside
5. meanwhile, on a hot pan, grill the halloumi until golden brown on both sides.
6. once the halloumi is cooked, serve and enjoy

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