Sunday, 23 August 2015

Fluffy Yoghurt Pancakes with Roasted Rhubarb

The Sunday Post- 
There's nothing better than picking something,cooking it, then eating all within an hour. Then serve the freshly picked Rhubarb with a sunday staple, pancakes, with creamy greek yoghurt for a perfect Sunday breakfast. Welł, it would be perfect if I didn't have to get up, and make it myself, but sadly neither of my cats have quite worked out how to do that yet, so I'll have to make it myself for a while yet (forever).
The fluffy yoghurt pancakes with a slight tartness, pair wonderfully well with the sweet and sharp rhubarb(wow.didn't realise how much that sounded like Masterchef!) If you don't have time to roast rhubarb, it also works well with yoghurt and fresh seasonal fruit, such as nectarines or try a quick berry sauce
I just like roasting the rhubarb with just with sugar, but feel free to add spices such as cinnamon, or orange zest would work particularly well.The leftovers can be served with porridge in the morning, or with a crumble topping or granola for a quick dessert. 


sugar( i used three types, but that was just for photos)

175g self raising flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp caster sugar
250g greek style yogurt
3tbsp milk
1 egg
butter/ flavourless oil/ coconut oil

1. wash the rhubarb, chop into even sized pieces
2. pop in a roasting sprinkle over sugar, roast until tender

3. when the rhubarbs cooked,mix together the flour, B.P, and sugar
4. pour in the yogurt, milk, and the egg. whisk until a smooth thick batter is formed
5. fry until golden and bubbles start to appear, then flip and fry until the other side is also golden 
6. Serve with extra yoghurt and the rhubarb 

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