Monday, 15 December 2014

Cashew butter

I wasn't intending this post to be a Christmas gift idea, but sometimes life is so busy that the blog gets behind schedule. But hey, coursework can just sit in the back corner for a while( for just a few minutes, don't worry mum!) . This is perfect homemade gift for that person who is a complete health freak, but you still want to give them a homemade food gift. 
nut butters
This roast cashew butter is super simple to make, and only requires one ingredient. I kept mine just plain cashew, with a little bit of salt to taste, but feel free to churn up, honey roasted nuts or spiced nuts for an interesting twist. Or add your own flavors e.g. vanilla.

For simple twists, set aside a few cashews to finely chop up later for a crunchy cashew butter. Or if your feeling lazy just blitz up the nuts without roasting them, for a raw cashew butter.

roasting nuts

500g of cashew nuts( this makes a nice amount, but feel free to do more or less)

1. Roast the cashews in a dry pan or oven. Just remember to keep an eye on them.

2. Pop into a food processor and start chopping up.

3. Continue blending it will then reach a fine crumb stage.

4. Continue. It will start sticking around the edge, and may seem like it will never create nut butter.

5. Keep blending, and it will start clumping together, at this point you might want to add oil but don't, keep persevering. 
6. Nearly there...

7. When it smooth and like a paste it ready. If you like it thick you can take it out now, if you prefer it thinner feel free to continue. as it will release more oils and making it thinner.

nut butter

8. Enjoy yourself, or tie with ribbon and give to a friend.

spoon and jar

Emma x

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