Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Rhubarb and lemon jelly cake

as promised, my favourite spring time dessert.With a crisp base, soft topping of rhubarb and lemon jelly. desserts don't get more spring like.

Preferably made with lemon jelly crystals but can't seem to find them in the UK,so i use a lemon jelly pack.
Homegrown rhubarb is obviously the best, choose bright red stalks for the best colour.

i used plain digestive biscuits for the base but you could use any plain biscuits. If you like a crisper base make it 1 -2 hours before you need it. left overnight the base isn't as crispy.



3 rhubarb stalks
70g butter
1/2 pack of 135g lemon jelly
150g biscuits

1. crush biscuits and pour in melted butter
2. boil rhubarb until soft and broken down
3. let the rhubarb cool slightly before adding jelly
4. pour onto base
5. pop into the fridge to set

6. serve with cream

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