Friday, 19 June 2015

Harissa Salmon with Lemon and Herb Giant Couscous

Ending the week with my Birthday tea. I realise it was quite a few weeks ago, but haven't had time to share this with you yet, but i just had too, because it's just so good. Before you ask, and start accusing me of claiming my mums cooking, um no, I cooked my own birthday tea, as she was busy and i didn't want to wait( probably until next year). Before we continue, I would like to apologise for the salmon juices leaking onto the plate, I was in such a rush, I didn't have time to drain the salmon juices properly.
My favourite fish paired, with lemony couscous just a marriage made in heaven, obviously the lemon had something to do with( the obsession continues, i bought 10 lemons yesterday). I also love this recipe because, it's super quick and easy, just marinate the salmon before you go to work, chop the herbs up while you're waiting for the oven to heat up, then the it's only 10 mins until the salmon is ready!
I used wholewheat giant couscous, as it's healthier and gives a lovely nutty flavour, but feel free to use white giant couscous, or normal couscous would give the same effect. If you want something different, to impress someone, you could always use rose harissa, to give a delicate floral flavour. I served it with asparagus, as it was in season, and my birthday meal always has to contain asparagus, but feel free to swap it, with something else, or if you've already had your 5 a day, you can leave it out.

2 tbsp Harissa
1 tbsp coriander seeds, crushed
Grated zest and juice of 1 lemon
5 salmon fillets, or one large 600g fillet
1000ml chicken/ vegetable stock
500g giant couscous 
Olive oil
Handful fresh flat leaf parsley
Handful fresh mint
Handful fresh coriander
Salt and pepper

1. Mix half the lemon zest with Harissa, and crushed coriander seeds.
2. Rub the mixture over the salmon. Leave to marinate for 30 mins, or longer.
3. Preheat the oven to 170°c, gas 3.
4. Whilst the ovens heating up, roughly chop the herbs
5. Roast the salmon for  10-12mins( it's ok for both sizes of fish, just bunch the individual fillets together, mine were just removed from the fridge), or until just cooked through. 
6. Meanwhile, bring the stock to simmer, add the couscous, cook for 6-8 mins until tender. Drain.
7. Cool slightly, toss in the herbs, lemon zest and juice and oil. Season.
8. Flake over the salmon, serve with asparagus if wished. enjoy.

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