Sunday, 12 April 2015

March Favourites 2015

I thought i would switch up the content on my blog a bit. Starting with endless posts starting with" where has that month gone"; Except maybe not this one, it went pretty fast i suppose; but i was doing work experience this month, which meant waking up at 4:10, (that's no typo unfortunately) so the days did tend to drag a bit.
1. Clinique moisturiser : An oldie, but a goodie. The original was my first ever moisturiser, and i loved it, but i thought it was a bit expensive, as i was so young. I then tried the new formula when it came out, and loved it even more, but put off buying another bottle for quite a while, but I'm so glad i bought it again, as it makes a visible difference to my skin.

2. Spring Flowers: Don't look so pretty. I love spending time in the garden admiring them, just because they are so pretty. Spring is definitely my favourite season because of the flowers, not mentioning the sun these past few days.
3. E45 hand cream: My life saver. Without this, I'm pretty sure my hands would have bled. The detergent for cleaning at work experience, ruined my hands. This eased my pain, and repaired my hands each night, before they started stinging again.
4: Chocolate Easter eggs: I just to add these in; One, Lindt is my favourite chocolate, and two, i love how pretty they are with metallic foil, and Easter is all about chocolate. Right?

5. Pretty honest, Sali Hughes:My favourite thing. I finally caved and bought it, I'm so glad i did. Its a bible for beauty, anything i don't know about i look it up in here, and will most definitely find what I'm looking for. Even if your obsessed with makeup, and think you know most things about makeup, don't say you do until you've read this book. Plus, its a great coffee table book.

 What things have you been loving this month? Let me know.

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