Friday, 30 January 2015

A Fresh Start

text of fresh start with bay tree and sunlight behind him
Of course, i didn't create this post just so i can show my kittens cuteness to the world....Well maybe! Well, this was meant to be my New Years Resolutions post, but since college leaves me feeling exhausted, i haven't got round to it until now; Better late than never i suppose! Instead, it can be my aspirations for this year post instead.
blue grey kitten looking out a window
First( because it would be rude if i didn't), i shall introduce you to my cat & kitten with you first. Lets start with the newest addition(the kitten obvs.), Jack Sparrow( his mother was called Pearl) is a cheeky little chap, and is a Russian blue. My Cat, who is an utter Princess, is called Fleur and is half Burmese & half Bengal.
kitten sniffing a cat ear
Now lets get onto my month belated resolutions....

1. Become more organised. For me this means planning ahead, and looking at my week, and often allocating time slots for things in specific, otherwise it just won't get done. I find making lists helps allot. I also want to improve my blog which means setting aside days for baking, and time to write up a post. Something which i clearly have been failing in for the past 30 days.
bermese x bengal cat looking down
2. Have a healthier lifestyle. Something, which i have found really hard since starting college, as the awkward times mean i don't exercise as much as i should, as sometimes i go & leave in the dark which means i can't exercise. The commuting also leaves me feeling exhausted, with little energy . Also at college, we can eat the food we cook, and often isn't the healthiest and leaves me feeling bloated, to contradict this i have been trying to have healthier meals at home, which may result in healthier blog posts! With of course the odd exception.
kitten looking out of a window
3. Improve and grow my blog. Naturally a New year, means you want to try new things, which for me might just involve more blog posts, and more varied posts, as i might occasionally take a dip into the lifestyle kind of blog posts. And of course improve my photography skills even more, which i love watch develop.I also want to stick to a schedule, and upload more, but we'll see how far we get with that part!

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