Friday, 12 September 2014


The summer in France has left me, 1. heavier than i left, and 2. craving bruschetta, as we had it most days, using leftover baguette. So, to help both of these issues, i have been eating more salads, than i did on holiday, and making loads of mini bruschettas in the form of croutons.
Its best if you use a sourdough, or baguette type of bread, but as i don't have it often in my house, i just use sliced bread. Plus my bread, has different grains in it, which makes it seem more healthy than it actually is.
I thought for this recipe i would, do it step by step, let me know if you like this style.
1. take sliced bread or baguette,if its dry it works better, but it doesn't really matter.

2. slice into cubes

3. spread evenly on a large baking tray

4. drizzle generously with olive oil, salt and pepper
5. toss until every thing is evenly coated

6. bake until golden and crisp
7. sprinkle on top of salads or soups

8. enjoy. (P.s. in my salad i had lettuce ,mushrooms ,celery, beetroot, peppers, tomatoes, topped with grand padano and a light vinaigrette.)

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