Saturday, 20 September 2014

Broad Bean Bruschetta

With the English weather being a pain like normal, i mean seriously just decide whether, its going to be summer for a bit longer, or autumn with the grey skies. I've decided to still think about summer for the moment, as i really dread the dark mornings, and it getting darker much quicker, although autumn fashion is probably the best. So, to hold onto summer, i made broad bean bruschetta.
With the last dregs of a truly french baguette left over, i made a first batch, then had to make some more as it was just so good. On a side note, how amazing is french bread, it just goes dry making it perfect for this, rather than mouldy like the English bread which is totally useless.
This dish made me feel particularly good, as the star ingredient, the broad beans, were from the veggie patch. The mint was also from the garden. The good quality ingredients in this dish, make it taste fresh, and to me 1000 times better as the beans were grown only around 50 meters away.
Unfortunately, as the ingredients were from the garden, i don't know the exact amount, but i recommend to keep tasting, to check how much mint and seasoning ,you want added. I also recommend ,adjusting the garlic on the bread, to how much garlic you like, as i like garlic quite a bit. Also, when i did it the second time i added peas as i didn't have enough broad beans.


4 cloves of garlic
olive oil
broad beans
lemon juice
salt and pepper
grana padano

1. preheat oven to 180°
2. cut baguette into slices coat generously with oil and crushed garlic.
3. place in oven until golden brown and crisp
4. cook beans until tender
5. lightly mash the beans, stir in finely chopped mint
6. stir in little bit of lemon juice and olive oil
7. taste and season, add more mint if needed on cooled bruschetta with finely sliced grana padano

10. enjoy

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