Monday, 29 April 2013

homemade ice cream sundae

With beautiful sunny weather, blessing England at the moment i felt the need to post something summery.

With homemade ice cream, fruit, plenty of marshmallows and chocolate sauce nothing really beats an ice cream sundae when the weather is warm.

This homemade ice cream is certainly delicious and quick to made. be warned though, it must be eaten quickly as it melts fast. i don't think its a problem for me though. :-)

Homemade ice cream


4 eggs
100g caster sugar
300ml cream

any flavourings e.g. vanilla extract

1. separate eggs
2. whisk egg whites until stiff peaks
3. slowly whisk in sugar, until glossy
4. in a separate bowl whisk cream until soft peaks are formed
5. fold cream, egg yolks and flavouring into egg white mixture
6. pour into container, and pop into freezer until set

top with anything you like. from strawberries to sprinkles the choice is yours.

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