Thursday, 21 August 2014

Sarlat - Dordogne

So, apparently i haven't been blogging for over a month now. Apologies, though since i went on holiday i thought, i would share some pictures of a beautiful town, Sarlat.  
We went on market day, i recommend getting there early, like with most markets as the good stuff is the first to go! I also love the atmosphere french markets, with all the locals selling their fresh produce, yelling out their specialities for the day.
We also popped into the church there, which we didn't last year, and is a beautiful peaceful spot in comparison to the market, with the locals saying their prayers, away from all the tourists. 

One stand which i am always tempted by, is a local lady selling fresh vanilla pods, and they are the freshest looking vanilla pods i have ever seen. Unfortunately, i don't often use vanilla pods therefore, by the time i end up getting round to using them they won't be at their best.

Many small areas have several local specialities, and at the local bakeries and markets you'll find walnut caramel tart made with fresh walnuts grown near Perigueux. I would recommend it, as fresh walnuts are hard to beat and i love caramel, and with crisp pastry, it's very nice.

Very near Sarlat is the foie gras region, which is always highlighted in the local towns, with several market stalls and shops full of it. Although its not to everyone's taste, but many of the local producers do a mix with around 25% foie gras with the rest duck meat which is cheaper, and just as delicious, if not more. I recommend if you like duck but not too fond of foie gras.

Then there's the shop my Dad hates... Its a pottery shop which has beautiful, and very different plates and bowls, which my mum and i (i have to admit it!!), got drawn to last year, and in my Dad's eyes probably spent too much (but as generally our holidays fall after her birthday, she likes to treat herself).

After we did a full circuit of the town we spotted a stall, which drew us in by the smell, then looks, to delicious moist whole chickens and saute potatoes, which we took away and ate later ate by the Dordogne river for our lunch. Unfortunately, we had to agree that with a whole chicken and a large chip portion was enough, and the beautiful paella had to be left behind.

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