Tuesday, 11 December 2012


You may not call this delightful treat, honeycomb but all the same it still yummy.Some people call it cinder toffee, if your Irish you most likely call it yellow man. Scottish people call it puff candy, while people of NYC call it sponge candy. The tanned people of California call it sea foam, while people from Wisconsin its called fairy food candy.

I've always loved honeycomb from the first time i bit into a crunchie bar and it just melted away.This recipe is really easy to make and alot of fun. Its also great for gifts, as many friends got some this Christmas. Its great for everyone as it pretty allergy free, just grease with another flavourless oil, for nut allergies.

I've always thought honeycomb was part of NZ baking, perhaps its because it in hokey pokey ice cream or just every supermarket i go to i see crunchie bars beside the tills. but no matter where its from i still love the golden lumps.


groundnut oil, for greasing
450g granulated sugar
300ml water
4 tbsp light malt vinegar
3 tbsp honey
1 tbsp liquid glucose
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda

grease a 23cm square tin 4cm deep with groundnut oil( i used greaseproof covered in ground nut oil, and bowls)
place sugar, water, vinegar, honey and liquid glucose into a massive pan( the biggest you can possibly find).
heat, stirring all the time until the sugar has dissolved.
bring to the boil..........
place a sugar thermometer in a pan and without stirring bubble the mixture until the thermometer reads 140c this takes about 20mins.
combine the magical ingredient (bicarb) with 2 teaspoons of cold water,mixing it well.
taking the pan off the heat once it has reached the correct temperature, pour in the magic ingredient and give a brisk stir. and watch the magic explode into so much awesomeness. it will bubble up like a foaming sea and you will probably wish you had a bigger pan.

immediately pour the toffee into the prepared tin and leave to cool.( immediately pop the pan into hot water, so you won't have a terrible time cleaning the pan). when cold prise out of tin and bash with hammer ( this is the easiest way and you have so much fun bashing the honeycomb)

if you want to create your own crunchie, just dip in chocolate and pop into the fridge to set.


  1. Looks delicious! Thank you for the recipe! I do the occasional dinner recipe on my blog as I'm a chef but mainly my blogs based on fashion and travel.

    Just stumbled across your blog and I really, really like it!

    But it makes me hungry!! haha


    1. thanks for my first comment, glad you liked it